Different Types of Vape Mod Kits

The different types of vape mods and kits available vary as to the amount of flavor or the amount of vapor they produce. They also vary as to their complexity, ease of use and price.
Here is an overview of the different types of vape mod kits. For our purposes, vape mod kits will not include e-cigarettes or “cig-a-likes”.

Vape pens
Vape pens could be considered a precursor of pod vapes. They are the first evolutionary upgrade from e- cigarettes and “cig-a-likes”. They are larger than e-cigarettes but are still small enough to fit easily in your hand. They also deliver better flavor. Vape pens are usually comprised of two component parts: the battery and the vape tank. Vape tanks are that component that atomizes the e-liquid so as to produce vapor. Vape pen tanks are refillable, and the better models are detachable. Vape pens, however, come with internal batteries. Due to their small size, their battery capacity is limited.
A typical vape pen kit consists of the pen itself (including battery), spare coils or cartridges and a supply of e- liquid.

Pod vapes
This type is one of the most recent to appear on the market. Like vape pens, they usually consist of two components. The larger one houses the battery. The smaller one, often called the e-juice pod, contains the liquid. These pods are often refillable and/or replaceable. Pod vapes are very easy to use, as well as being affordable. In shape and size, they are not too much larger than e-cigarettes or cig-a-likes, so they are more convenient than most other types of vape mods. They offer a few advantages over vape pens. For one, they deliver better taste. Their battery capacity is usually better, and they are also less complex and easier to maintain. As a result, they are replacing vape pens as the most practical vape mods for beginners and the best upgrade from e-cigarettes.

Box mod kits – basic
Even the more basic types of box mods offer better performance and taste than pods or pens. The drawbacks are their size, complexity and price. Box mod kits are really for vapers who now want to upgrade their vaping pleasure and are willing to spend the time and money necessary. Box mod kits are larger than pods or pens. This enables better performance. Their larger batteries also extend battery life. Many models even have external batteries that are even larger than the internal ones. Battery life can be monitored, and supplementary external batteries can be charged as spares.
Box mod kits allow users to adjust settings such as wattage and temperature.

Awesome vape mods
When you have gained some experience and are ready to maximize your vaping experience, you will want to look at advanced box mod kits.

High wattage box mod kits
These are among the most popular kits available. Their external batteries offer extra power. Many can take up to four batteries. Their vape tanks are interchangeable and the vape coils are replaceable. Many vape tanks are also rebuildable, either as RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers), RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) or RDTAs (rebuildable dripping tank atomizers). These options make it obvious that such box mod kits are best suited for experienced and knowledgeable vapers. The starter kit for such models come with all essential components and spare batteries. Depending on the type, extra vape tanks or components necessary for rebuilding vape tanks can be included.

Regulated squonk kits
These are the most advanced vape mod kits generally available. Regulated squonk kits allow vapers a very practical method for feeding e-liquid into the atomizer in the form of a “squonk bottle”. The main housing – the “squonk mod” – contains the batteries and the squonk bottle, which is a large, squeezable bottle that
feeds into the bottom of the RDA.
Because of the space that the squonk bottle requires, most squonk kits come in a single-battery configuration, although dual battery squonk mods are becoming increasing popular. This vape mod kit is the most expensive, but experienced vapers swear by its performance. As they say, quality has its price!

The best vape mod kit for you
Your choice of vape mod kit depends on what your priorities are. Several factors play a role: convenience, size, battery life, quality of taste and cost. If a beginner, you could start with e-cigarettes or “cig-a-like”, but if you are even somewhat serious in experiencing good vaping, pod vapes are a good choice: they deliver noticeably better flavor and are neither much bigger nor much more expensive. For those more experienced vapers, the choice is then between the more basic box mod kits and the more advanced types. Before deciding, you can test them at any vaping store.